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All Anzio girls arrived very early to assist at the finals as Anchovy promised to Miho. But after an all night party, all girls slept during the match only waking up when the match is over. After the news of Ooarai's decommission and the reincarnation match against the All-Stars University Team's team had been released to the public, Anchovy responded to Darjeeling's SOS about joining forces to support Ooarai.

They are assigned to Team Dandelion. During the battle Anzio mainly serve as scout.

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In the middle of battle the Acorn Platoon,composed of Anzio, Duck Team, Turtle Team and Jatkosotawas formed to infiltrate enemy lines to hunt down the source of bombing.

The first attack was conducted by Anzio's CV. However, they failed thanks to some poor shooting and the low calibre of their machine guns and ended up flipped upside down on top of the bridge but was latter used as a powered ramp that boosted the Hetzer up into the air. From there the Hetzer fired down the gun barrel of the Karl-Gerat and removed it from the match.

During the battle in the theme park they were used as reconnaissance and coordination, using the top of the roller coaster as overwatch, however they were spotted by Rumi and were chased on the roller coaster by two M24 Chaffee and were saved at the last moment by Rabbit Team. Near the end of the match they linked-up with Mallard Team to take down a Pershing holding the rearguard. Anzio used the small size of their tank to sneak into the Pershing's blind spot, prompting the Pershing's crew to attempt to crush them.

Anzio then used the light weight and high speed of the CV. The fast-moving and much heavier Pershing narrowly braked in time, but Mallard Team ambushed them from behind, sending them into the drink.

'Schulmadchen-Report 3. Teil' (1972) - classroom scene

Seconds later however, Anzio's tank was immobilised by a direct hit from the Centurion. While not very respected in Sensha-Do, Anzio has its reputation in Tankathlon.

Anchovy practice this sport to earn funds for the next Nationals. After witnessing the match between Centipede Team and BC FreedomAnchovy gave a written challenge to Shizuka. During the match three CV. Out of frustration Anchovy launched everything she has in the match and was shot down by Jajkaconsidering it as a weak fight.

Pepperoni and Amaretto tried to retaliate but were gunned down by ambushed 7TP.

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During a training match between Tategoto High School and Bonple High SchoolPepperoni and Carpaccio managed to secretly engage alongside Tategoto in order to get revenge on Jajka for having humiliate Anchovy during the match against Centipede Team. While Jajka's tank being busy with Tategoto, Anzio girls charge Jajka's tank, however as Jajka foreseen the attack they were crushed.

Wanting to settle score with Centipede Team but also unwanting to repeat the outcome of the previous match, Anchovy sent them a written challenge pairing them with the freshly created Tategoto High School. They fielded CV. While Tategoto under Shizuka's guidance manage to score a hit on Anzio, Pepperoni and Carpaccio destroyed a Ha-Go and the Te-Ke, however this was a ruse that permitted Aung and the rest of her team to charge on Anchovy's position.

While everything seems lost for Anzio, Anchovy foreseen such a tactic and sort her trump card, a CV. Aung realize too late her mistake as the AT Rifle unleashed hell of Tategoto tanks.

Anzio crushed the novice school and got their revenge for the unfinished match against Centipede. Many of Anzio students are seen to hold food stalls.

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Anchovy is latter seen parading distributing tracts promoting her school until Flying Tankers stole the attention with their Osprey.

In first round for the seventh match of the Tankathlon Tournament, Anzio will fight Pravda's Katyusha's Volunteer Army in an Annihilation match.

They field at least four normal CV. True to themselves they set deception and used KVA's girls fear of their Pravda commanders against them. Their first trap was to put a cardboard version of Nonnamaking panicked Nina that permitted to Anzio to disable one of their T Their second tricked was a puppet of Klara as the Grim Reaper lift by a drone, if it terrified AlinaSaemonza foiled the deception cutting its rope.

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Their final deception was to put a puppet of Katyusha on a rod in front of one CV. By defeating KVA, they'll make Nina and Alina fighting the next round under their banner.

Anzio participated in the 41st Winter Continuous Track Cup and faced Bonple High School as their first opponent. Their force was composed of six CV. At the end of the match, three Semoventes are seen exchanging fire with two 7TPs and a TKSduring the firefight two Semovente were destroyed while they managed to take out the TK tankette.

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On the other side five CV. Her real name is Chiyomi Anzai. Her hometown is Toyota city, Aichi Prefecture.

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The overall commander of the Anzio Girls High School Sensha-do Team, called by her team "Duce" "commander" in Italianpossibly an allusion to the self-appointed title of Benito Mussolinithe Italian dictator.

In the manga, she is arrogant and hot-blooded, but she only desires victory for her team. In the OVA, while still competitive, hot-blooded and a little bit too self-assured, she is much more relaxed and polite, as well as a graceful loser.

Hailing from Tsukuba city, Ibaraki Prefecture. One of the vice-commanders of Anzio, subordinate to Anchovy. She wasn't shown in the anime, but she has appeared in the manga and in the OVA. She usually commands a Semovente, where she acts as the loader.

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She is a quiet, kind girl loyal to her commander. She's also childhood friends with Caesar from Hippo team. Her hometown is Mashiko town, Tochigi Prefecture.

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The other vice-commander of Anzio; she also takes the role of driver in the film. She didn't appear in the anime or in the manga, but she appeared in the OVA. Extroverted and cheerful, she is the natural leader of the fast and nimble tankettes, but her carelesness sometimes can get her team into trouble.

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She affectionately refers to Anchovy as "big sis". Pepperoni's CV. During the Cauldron Tankathlon Tournament, every team defeated will fight under the winner's command. Girls und Panzer Wiki Explore. Main Page Discuss All Pages Community Recent blog posts. Miho Nishizumi Saori Takebe Hana Izusu Yukari Akiyama Mako Reizei. Light Tanks Medium Tanks Heavy Tanks Super Heavy Tanks Tank Destroyers.

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There are two types of Scuola Secondaria di Secondo Grado in Italy: the Liceo (like a British grammar school), which is more academic in nature, and an Istituto, which is essentially a vocational school. For the first two years all students use the same state-mandated curriculum of Italian language and literature, science, mathematics, foreign language, religion, geography, history, social studies and physical Find italian school girl stock images in HD and millions of other royalty-free stock photos, illustrations and vectors in the Shutterstock collection. Thousands of new, high-quality pictures added every day Anzio's schoolgirl uniform consists into a dark blue beret, a white collared shirt with a black tie, a dark blue skirt with a belt, a white pantyhose and black shoes. Anchovy's one is the same as other students but with a long black mantle

Girls und Panzer Animanga page Girls und Panzer Official Website Japan. At the end of the third year, students sit a written exam in the subjects of Italian, mathematics, science and a foreign language. There is an oral examination of the other subjects.

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Successful students are awarded the Licenza di Scuola Media Licenza Media. They then move onto the Scuola Secondaria di Secondo Grado Second Grade Secondary School. There are two types of Scuola Secondaria di Secondo Grado in Italy: the Liceo like a British grammar schoolwhich is more academic in nature, and an Istituto, which is essentially a vocational school.

For the first two years all students use the same state-mandated curriculum of Italian language and literature, science, mathematics, foreign language, religion, geography, history, social studies and physical education. Specialised courses, called 'Indirizzi' begin in the third year.

, school girl stock photos are available royalty-free. Portrait of African American elementary school girl in class. School Girl Reading Book, Child Study Education, Books on White. School Girl Reading Book, Schoolgirl Child Study, Kid Education, Books and Apple on White. Cute little latin school girl carrying schoolbag backpack and books 4, latina teen stock photos are available royalty-free. Latina teen in white holding a book on black background. Latina teen in white dress holding a blue book with gold edging, holding a finger to her cheek and. Latina teen in white on black backdrop. Latina teen in white long sleeved shirt standing in front of black backdrop Little girl is studying connected in streaming with the teacher and the other classmates to recover the school days lost in this period of schools young artist in florence - italian school stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images. Lecture hall of La Sapienza University stands empty on March 5, in Rome, Italy. Over 3, people have been infected by the novel Coronavirus in The teacher and

Lasts for five years with an emphasis on physics, chemistry and natural sciences. The student also continues to study Latin and one modern language.

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Studies can last four to five years and prepare for university studies in painting, sculpture or architecture. Studies last for five years and prepare future primary school teachers. There is also a three year training course for nursery school teachers, but this diploma does not entitle students to then enrol at a university. Studies last three years and prepare for work within an artistic field and leading to an arts qualification diploma di Maestro d'Arte. Studies last five years and prepare for both university studies and for a vocation.

There is a majority of students in technical schools that prepare students to work in a technical or administrative capacity in agriculture, industry or commerce. These studies lead, in three or five years, to achievement of a vocational qualification. In order to received the Diploma di Scuola Superiore also known as the Diploma di Maturita Secondary school diplomastudents must pass written and oral exams.

The first written exam requires an essay, written in Italian, on an ct of literature, history, society or science. Some students may stuck on essay as they need to remember facts to describe ones in their essay.

The second written exam requires the student to write a paper relating to their chosen specialisation. The third exam is more general and includes questions regarding contemporary issues and the student's chosen foreign language. After completing the written exams, students must take an oral exam in front of a board of six teachers.

This exams covers cts of their final year at school. Successful students receive various types of Diploma according to the type of school attended.

The Diploma di Scuola Superiore is generally recognised as a university entrance qualification, although some universities have additional entrance requirements. University is available to all students if they have completed five years of secondary school and received an upper secondary school diploma.

It is possible for students who have attended vocational schools to attend university. If a student attended a four-year secondary school program, an additional year of schooling is necessary to qualify for university. Those attending university after completing their Diploma di Scuola Superiore go for three years four years for teaching qualifications to achieve their Laurea Bachelor's Degree.

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Vocational education is called the Formazione Professionale. The first part of this lasts for three years, after which they are awarded the Qualifica Professionale.

The second part, which lasts for a further two years, leads to the Licenza professionale also known as the Maturita professionale. Education in Italy Free state education is available to children of all nationalities who are resident in Italy. Scuola Primaria Primary School At age six, children start their formal, compulsory education with the Scuola Primaria also known as Scuola Elementare Primary School.

Scuola Media Middle School Scuola Secondaria di Primo Grado First Grade Secondary School All children aged between eleven and fourteen must attend the Scuola Secondaria di Primo Grado First Grade Secondary School.

Scuola Superiore High School Scuola Secondaria di Secondo Grado Second Grade Secondary School There are two types of Scuola Secondaria di Secondo Grado in Italy: the Liceo like a British grammar schoolwhich is more academic in nature, and an Istituto, which is essentially a vocational school.

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Types of Italian High Schools: Liceo Classico Classical High School : This lasts for five years and prepares the student for university level studies. Latin, Greek and Italian literature form an important part of the curriculum. During the last three years philosophy and history of art are also studied.

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