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A curious example of gas evaporation can bee seen near the core of the Trifid itself. Here a dense stalk, 8 light years from the centre, is emerging from the edge of the bubble surrounding the central cluster, and in the other direction a powerful stellar jet from a young star, HH embedded in the gas, is shooting out in an upwards direction.

The bright young stars in the central cluster emit strong radiation which eats away the surrounding gas and dust. The stalk only appears because a denser region lies at its very tip and protects a thin strip of the cloud from this interstellar erosion.

The Hubble Space Telescope has imaged this fascinating area in high resolution. Also, the proper motion of the irradiated plasma in this jet has been measured and a paper has been published detailing these findings. Also, throughout the nebula lies countless young T Tauri stars just having emerged from their birthplaces inside the gas and dust.

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These are typically rather faint and reddish, though they are more easily visible in this image of another stellar nursery near Antares. Imagine that in performance, in dance, in choreography it is in itself the revelation of the secret of speech, music, perfume, the essence of its brief but glorious existence and in that instant your senses perceive the Universe of before and perhaps, the after in the continuum of life.

The center of the Lagoon Nebula is a whirlwind of spectacular star formation.

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Visible on the lower left, at least two long funnel-shaped clouds,each roughly half a light-year long, have been formed by extreme stellar winds and intense energetic starlight. The tremendously bright nearby star, Hershel 36lights the area.

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Vast walls of dust hide and redden other hot young stars. As energy from these stars pours into the cool dust and gas,large temperature differences in adjoining regions can be created generating shearingwinds which may cause the funnels. This picturespanning about 5 light years, was taken in by the orbiting Hubble Space Telescope.

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The Lagoon Nebulaalso known as M8lies about lightyears distant toward the constellation of Sagittarius. Image Credit: HubbleA. Caulet ST-ECF, ESANASA. NASA Media Usage Guidelines.

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