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Say goodbye to your favorite pocket pussy and stop masturbating for a few days. And lay off the solo porn viewings! Cutting back on alcohol and giving up smoking are both effective ways to increase semen volumes.

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You'll also boost your load by getting a good night's sleep and maintaining a healthy weight. You should also consider finding ways to minimize stress in your life and give some thought to eating more fruit and veg. Try drinking a cup or two of green tea instead of a can of soda-green tea is full of antioxidants that can create favorable conditions for testosterone production and, ultimately, help you pump out more jizz.

Taking regular exercise is vital for boosting and maintaining semen volume-getting to the gym and lifting some weights is the best way to naturally boost testosterone [6] : Try some squats with or without weights depending on your fitness level. They will also help strengthen your pelvic floor muscles, which help you last longer and also give you more power to shoot that load when the time is right.

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Most of the natural supplements on the market are focused on improving sperm volume and quality, rather than boosting all the other components of semen. Stop-squeeze is a way to control when and how you shoot your load.

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It lets you get near to the point of cumming but, unlike edging, where you have to rely on a strong will and mind control to hold back your desire jizz, you or your partner gently hold the tip of your cock until the desire to shoot passes.

You can do this a few times during lovemaking or just the once.

Some men's cum dribbles out, others have one big gush, and some men spurt anything up to five times-all of these are healthy and natural. Remember, you can increase the force with which you cum, by working on your pelvic floor muscles and holding off from shooting your load for as long as possible. This should heighten the sensation, encourage greater intimacy, and make sex feel even Men also tend to be less horny and aroused when they're stressed, so this has a knock-on effect that often results in smaller cum shots and less libido in the first place. 9 Foods that help the Healthy men ejaculate ml to ml of semen on average per cumshot. While this whole range is considered healthy and normal, it's understandable that guys shooting 2ml of sperm wanna know how to cum more and get multiple cum loads every time they orgasm. Porn, insecurity, and high expectations all contribute to the male desire for larger cumshots. In this guide, I'm going to look at 27

Surprisingly enough, or maybe not, working on strengthening your pelvic floor through kegel exercises is a great way to ejaculate more. The reason behind this is that with a stronger pelvic floor, you can build up more back pressure in your pipes.

When you are finally ready to let go and jizz, it's like the 4th of July! Consider stocking up on Vitamins C and D or get out in the sunshine [7]. Zinc is an excellent supplement too.

Its an essential mineral for keeping the male reproductive system functioning properly and could significantly increase semen volume [8]. D-aspartic acid, Fenugreek, and Ashwagandha are also believed to help boost testosterone production and, therefore, increase semen volume [9].

It's also worth considering taking selenium [10]and lastly, Ginseng has been known to help boost production. You can get many of these vitamins and minerals in a single male wellness supplement, rather than having to buy them all separately. Note: If you are up for it, prostate massaging has been known to produce the largest orgasms for a man which equates to a ton of cum. If you are interested in this, check out our guide to first time anal.

A good prostate massager will be the best investment you can get for personal pleasure. Be wary of products containing l-arginine and lecithin [11]. Also, watch out for pills and potions that promise to combine boosted semen levels with added staying power-many of these claims are difficult to qualify and prove.

Remember, you can increase the force with which you cum, by working on your pelvic floor muscles and holding off from shooting your load for as long as possible. This should heighten the sensation, encourage greater intimacy, and make sex feel even better for you and your partner. Daniel Garrett is a certified sexual wellness expert through the Eldorado Sexual Health Board where he graduated with honors.

You can start off slow by using one finger to gently rub the outside and inside of your anal opening, then insert your finger gradually to massage your prostate. Increase the speed and motion as > Ah I remember the first time I ejaculated I was rubbing my penis and then I felt like the volcano eruption was coming I freaked out and ran to the bathroom If you want to make your guy cum fast and hard, prostate play might just do the trick. The prostate is located inside his anus; although, you can stimulate it through the perineum if you're not into penetration. And don't worry, plenty of straight guys like prostate play!

Daniel's specialty is helping marriages as well as other relationships which struggle with having a healthy sexual presence. When a man is uncertain about his manhood it leaves him with a sense of self-doubt which typically will start to deteriorate any sexual relationship he may have with any partner.

By helping men overcome their interpersonal self-doubt issues regarding their penis size and sexual function, Daniel is able to help heal relationships and help take these same relationships to the next level. Daniel's writing can be found on such websites such as The Enhanced Male, Marriage. com, as well as many others. Daniel has helped develop such relationship tools as silicone cock rings to help men achieve lasting results in bed.

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How to cum for guys

Lubricant All Sex Lubricant Water Based Lube Silicone Based Lube Masturbation Lube Numbing Lube. How to Cum More Can You Actually Produce More Cum Like a Porn Star by Danny Garrett November 20, 9 min read. How to Cum More Can You Actually Produce More Cum Like a Porn Star.

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How To Cum More Follow These Steps Stop masturbating or cumming too much, take a break Fix your diet and stop drinking booze Eat semen producing superfoods Get off the couch and start exercising more Supplement with natural semen producing vitamins Practice your kegel exercises to strengthen your pelvic floor Profit! Cum in the spotlight Whatever the reason, a real or perceived decrease in semen volume can be distressing and, in some instances, can lead to other sexual performance issues.

See how many of these foods you currently eat and consider how many you need to integrate better into your diet on a day by day basis. If your diet is poor, hopefully you can use these key food groups as a way to improve both your semen and your health!

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Younger men are more likely to ejaculate more often on average, and certain countries rank higher or lower than others due to cultural differences, but there is no universally agreed upon figure. Some studies into prostate cancer have suggested that releasing semen at least 21 times per month is an effective way to reduce your risk of prostate cancer. However, more research is needed. It takes around 64 days for sperm to build back up fully after ejaculating.

This is the maximum amount that the body would be able to create and store at one time. Well, if you want to see results across various facets of semen health, you ideally need to combine cum supplements with some of the lifestyle and diet changes we mentioned earlier.

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Drinking less, smoking less, exercising and reducing stress are some of the most effective changes you can make relatively easily. Semenax contains important ingredients like Swedish Pollen Flower, Zinc Oxide, and L-Arginine, all of which are important for healthy semen production.

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This product can help with larger cumshots, stronger orgasms, improved semen health and impressive long-term effects. So whether you buy Semenax, change your lifestyle, or both I wish you good luck on your search for how to cum more.

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Have fun! How can we help you? Sweet James has my permission to help provide a free police report.

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Lie back and let it come. Your orgasm (and ejaculation) depends on pubococcygeus (aka PC) muscles. The stronger they are, the better the end result, as their contractions are what cause the Estimated Reading Time: 4 mins Cum Again: Why Can't Men Have Multiple Orgasms? What is so impossible about the male body that it can't experience this? The male orgasm is, to use the most cliched metaphor in the book, a rollercoaster ride. Not because it involves a thrilling series of ups and downs, but because once it's done, you can't just stay in your seat for another go - you have to head to the back of the You can opt for a traditional vibrator, using it to massage your balls or shaft for a new sensation, or you can try a masturbation sleeve for a new sensation (be sure to use a water-based lube with

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