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Hailing from Hungary, Nikolett Keszeli is a successful Counter-Strike: Global Offensive player who has won three major tournaments.

When she isn't busy distracting cameras with her looks, she's hard at work improving her gaming skills because she's Hungary for another win. Game: Vainglory.

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You probably haven't heard of Vainglory because it's not all that popular. But if you were to play it, Ruo Tian Pan would murder you at it.

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She's the highest grossing female player in its community, serving as team captain for the Chinese team "Hunters". She's earned enough prize money to pay for one month's rent in Hong Kong.

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Sasha Hostyn is the most recognized female pro gamer in the world, with more than twice the prize earnings of anyone else. She's so good at StarCraft 2 that many other players start crying when they find out they have to play against her, and most recently she earned first place at IEM Season XII's PyeongChang tournament, which pitted her against the best male StarCraft 2 players in the world.

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As the only transgender female on this list, she has a huge following of people who look up to her as an inspiring pro gamer. Also Watch: Pro StarCraft Player Wins Tournament Playing With His Foot, Gets Banned From Future Events. Seo Ji Soo is a D. Va look-alike who destroyed noobs at StarCraft 2to a point where she won every tournament she joined.

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Unfortunately, she got tossed in and ended up retiring from pro gaming, but her legacy as a legendary female StarCraft 2 player lives on.

Although originally a game designer at Ubisoft Montreal, Stephanie Harvey transitioned to pro gaming in She's won almost all the major tournaments she's been a part of since then, showing other girls who's boss with her precise assault rifle aim.

Game: Dead or Alive 4. Vanessa Arteaga might have originally gained fame for her pro gaming skills in Dead or Alive 4she's since transcended to something much more.

Not only is she now the owner of a pro gaming and cosplay team under her own name and a star in the reality television show WCG Ultimate Gamer, but she also models onesies. Zainab Turkie might look like a clothing model, but don't be fooled: she knows how to aim a firearm really well. No, not in real life, stupid.

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I'm talking about Counter-Strike: Global Offensivethe game where she's won more than 10 tournaments on the way to becoming one of female pro gaming's top 5 stars. She's considered one of the best players in the game, regularly being featured in frag clips. Nadia is a 29 years old American streamer and Youtuber who is half Italian and half Venezuelan. After a while of streaming Hearthstone, she started to diversify her channel with more day to day content and she also has the weekly habit of movie night streams.

Hottest gamer girls

Later on she went to play other games like Teamfight Tactics and The Bunker. Natalia Mogollon is a 32 year old streamer from Colombia.

Despite her attempts at making her channel about gaming she even joined EsportsAlinity is known for other kinds of content. The 30 year old Canadian streamer has never said her real name.

  12 TaraBabcock. via TaraBabcock is a 27 year old blond bombshell from Seattle who has been streaming on Twitch for around five years. While she has also been a professional - model, she now uses her looks and skills in the gaming industry

She comes from Portuguese and Ukrainian descends. Although Thighranosaurus Rex was famous on Twitch, she has never been mentioned outside the streaming community until one of her streams went viral in mid The aftermath was not in her favor since she has been called the most entitled streamer of all time.

But unfortunately, not all of them are treated equally. Some are just more successful than others, and you will be shocked to know that the discrimination is not because one has a more professional stream setup than the other, but rather because one is hotter than the others. In this list you will get to know the 20 hottest female Twitch streamers, ranked in no particular order (that's for   The 10 Hottest Pro Gamer Girls That'd Destroy You At Video Games 1. Julia "juliano" Kiran YouTube Games: Counter-Strike, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Country: Sweden Earnings: 2. Kat "Mystik" Gunn YouTube Games: Dead or Alive 4, Halo: Reach Country: USA Estimated Reading Time: 7 mins   Yes, this YouTube gamer also does fanciful things like fencing! There's something about a gamer girl who loves also to go out and adventure, and not just be stuck with her face to the screen, that is really quite attractive not to mention the leather cat

Sadly, InvaderVie will always be the one who wanted people to give her their money during an epidemic. Jasmine is a Vietnamese streamer and Youtuber with more than 90, followers.

Her content is based on travelling and IRL streaming in real life. Sadly, with IRL streams, you never know what you are getting into; recently in her Japan stream a man was seen harassing her. The perverted man was visibly seen in the shot hovering around her and went on to grope her.

She has explained the details from her point of view on her Twitter. Chloe Lockley Middleton is a British streamer and model.

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At the age of 22, Chloe has the net worth of 1 million dollars and her wealth is growing by the day with sponsorships and traction. Latest News.

Contact Us 6th St. Melbourne, FL Phone: Email: info example. Follow Us On. Top 20 Hottest Female Twitch Streamers.

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Table of Contents 1. STPeach 2. Jaycgee 3.

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ItsSky 4. WaterLynn 5.

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Nikkibreanne 6. KandyLand 7. KayPea 8.

  Jaina Proudmoore. Series: World of Warcraft. Considered the most powerful human sorceress in her realm, Jaina has a long and complex history, making her not just a pretty face for the series, but a well-developed and relatable character   For years, Lara Croft has been revered as the most attractive woman gaming has to offer. She's beautiful, smart, athletic and has a knack for the adventurous. It's no wonder why she's often who people think of first when discussing the most beautiful woman in gaming   Lara Croft is possibly one of the most famous video game girls out there, appearing in all installments of the Tomb Raider franchise. She is also often considered one of the hottest! With a signature look of a tight top and braid (more recently a ponytail), exploration and combat skills, and a smooth English accent, Lara is definitely one of the most beloved of female game characters

Amouranth 9. CinCinBear Taymoo Lilchiipmunk Melina Djarii Meowko DizzyKitten DeerNadia Alinity InvaderVie ImJasmine STPeach Twitch.

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Jaycgee Twitch. And that wraps up our top 20 hottest female Twitch streamers for !

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Feel like we missed somebody? Let us know in the comments below.

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