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If the mood strikes him, Falcon might honor the request.

Tonight, no one asks to see it. But Falcon cannot buy a subway token or purchase a candy bar without causing a hushed pandemonium. Falcon wedges himself into the first subway car bound for Yankee Stadium and grabs one of the overhead straps.

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Falcon hates Boogie Nights. Most of all, Falcon hates that he had been writing his own screenplay about the life of a guy with a huge penis, a better screenplay than Boogie Nights, one with real dialogue, where the main character ends up with a life, a meaningful life.

At age twelve, Jonah enrolled at an East Harlem school for brainy kids. Teachers were astounded by his fine intellect, but they were also struck by his awkward social skills. He could have taught my class.

But he was a strange kid.

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By fifteen, he had reached Sometimes he agreed, studying their facial reactions for signs of amazement and wonder. He looked, he says, for signs that people liked him.

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I really remember him being alone. By the time he had graduated from junior high school, Jonah was thriving in the stratosphere of mathematics. But even there, his craving for attention and his lack of social skills painted him as an outcast.

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He told no one at school about his secret and thanked God that students were not required to strip for gym class. After school, he worked on his computer, read science fiction and tracked his weekly penis growth.

His grades began to slip - 80, then 70, then But he never stopped measuring himself. One afternoon when he was fifteen, two men approached him outside Bronx Science. Have you had sex yet? Would you be interested in making some money? Then he went home and worked on his computer. Falcon is in his element at Yankee Stadium. Armed with two hot dogs, a jumbo pretzel and a Diet Coke, and with his bag safely over his groin, he begins a monologue - on baseball, life, baseball, sex, baseball, acting and baseball - that will motor on until well after the final pitch.

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There are a half-dozen independent conversations in progress around him in the cheap seats, and Falcon manages to insert himself into each of them. Kids grin at his knowledge, and he grins back. While his high school classmates tossed their caps at graduation and toasted to success at Brown and MIT, Falcon vowed to follow his heart and become an actor.

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Or a writer. But first there was the matter of baseball. For two years, Cardeli had saved up the tuition for the Rich Martin All-Star Baseball Camp, where they both thought Jonah might take his first steps toward becoming a Yankee.

He made several spectacular fielding plays before camp let out. Falcon enrolled in a state college to study theater.

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I will become an artist. While other aspiring artists took classes and rehearsed, Jonah made nightclubs his audition hall. People noticed him.

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Sweat pants gave way to skintight trousers and white bike shorts. He discovered the weight room. For seven years, Falcon did little more than accumulate sex partners - 1, by the time he was twenty-five, mostly women, he says. He swears he has never been a hustler. He eats frozen dinners. Still, he seems to have benefactors. He is not above taking money for sex if offered.

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My ego is bigger than my sexuality. His longest romantic relationship, with a woman, lasted a year. His cousin, Ben Lewin, says Jonah is neither straight nor gay.

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By twenty-six, Falcon found himself empty. In seven years, he had not established a single lasting romantic relationship. He was forty pounds overweight. No one in the clubs seemed to mind. On some days, Falcon knew that this was not the path of a man with unlimited potential. But no one has this.

If all else fails, at least I have this. Sex is different for a man with a His ejaculations, rather than flying eruptions, are events of massive dribble. He has never been able to insert more than nine of his Blow jobs hurt because at this width, teeth are inevitable. Falcon takes between fifteen and thirty minutes to generate a full erection, but can perform at half-mast without a woman realizing much difference.


Men brave enough to ask Falcon about his penis often feel compelled to tell him what they would do with such a gift. The riffs are all alike: The men would fuck every girl in the country; walk around nude all the time; wear the skimpiest. Speed to the beach and thrust their bulging package into the faces of tanning women. Because he is capable of plowing and splitting, Falcon has learned to make love differently; in essence, to rely less on his penis. When he was younger, he would push until he could penetrate no further, often hurting his partner and ruining the mood.

With experience, he says, he learned to use angles, massage interiors, stroke rather than bang. He calls upon his mouth as much as his penis, sometimes taking hours to kiss, lick, rub and masturbate his partner before his penis ever makes an appearance. And it works. Just before turning twenty-seven, Falcon says he woke from the fog of his life as a walking penis. He attended acting workshops, stood in line at auditions, knocked down doors for roles as an extra.

He became the author of countless online and print computer-game reviews, for which he developed a sterling reputation for honesty and detail.

While the barely-there design has been a huge trend for , many questioned how on earth you'd go to the bathroom when wearing one. View this post on Instagram Had such an amazing time at BabyCenter is committed to providing the most helpful and trustworthy pregnancy and parenting information in the world. Our content is doctor approved and evidence based, and our community is moderated, lively, and welcoming. With thousands of award-winning articles and community groups, you can track your pregnancy and baby's growth, get answers to your toughest questions, and connect Jonah Falcon's penis is inches flaccid, inches erect. Tense your forearm. Now wrap your hand around the middle of the muscle. That is the girth of Falcon's erection. Those who have

He trimmed down to pounds. None of what he dreams of, he says, will come by way of his penis. He is not Dirk Diggler.

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Still, Falcon has yet to break through as a working actor. I want to be taken seriously.

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Yet some who know Falcon question the contradiction between his philosophies and his actions. He still wears those bike shorts. Jeff Gomez is a successful developer of video games and a producer of short films.

He is a man with serious show-business connections, the kind of person Falcon ought to know. After meeting him online, Gomez took a liking to the aspiring actor. He agreed to help Falcon and invited him to dinner with his business partner. And he mentioned his dick size. Gomez e-mailed Falcon the next day, expressing his disappointment and urging him to treat his craft professionally.

He invited him to a nightclub to meet several prominent movie directors. Falcon arrived in a tank top and skintight silver pants.

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Gomez shuddered but made the introduction. It is past 11 P. when the game ends at Yankee Stadium. Falcon packs his pencil, score card and glove in his bag and heads back to the subway.

Near midnight, Falcon approaches the entrance to his Chelsea apartment building, the same home in the same public-housing project he has lived in since boyhood. He still lives with his mother.

The smell of urine pervades the lobby, and chicken bones litter the floor.

Upstairs, Falcon walks into a corridor in which a color cardboard cutout of Jesus hangs. He slowly turns the key to his apartment and enters. He creeps past his mother and grandmother, who have fallen asleep on adjoining couches in front of a flickering TV.

The apartment is cramped and narrow, with damaged walls and weathered carpeting. On the other hand, longer penis length may lead to cervical pain, said study researcher Shannon Leung, an undergraduate in biology at the University of California, Los Angeles, who presented the findings last month at the meeting of the Association for Psychological Science in San Francisco. Previous studies on whether penis size matters have had mixed results: A study of more than women found that 60 percent said penis size made no difference to them, but that those who frequently experienced vaginal orgasms were more likely to prefer longer penises.

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And a study published last year found that whether women prefer larger penises depends on the proportions of the man's body, with larger penises being more important to them in bigger men. However, many past studies have relied on images, or used terms such as "small," "medium" and "large" when gauging women's penis preferences, and these terms may have different meanings to different people, Leung said.

The new study, on the other hand, is the first to use 3D printed modelswhich meant women could physically handle them, Leung said. In a second part of the new study, women were given one of the penis models and allowed to examine it for 30 seconds.

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They were then asked to pick that same model from a bin of 33 models, either immediately or after completing a minute survey to allow time to pass. After completing the minute survey, women tended to overestimate the size of the penis they had previously examined, the study found.

This finding may be reassuring to men who are self-conscious about their penis sizethe researchers said. The study, which was conducted at UCLA's Sexual Psychophysiology and Affective Neuroscience SPAN Laboratory, has not yet been published in a peer-reviewed journal. Follow Rachael Rettner RachaelRettner. Original article on Live Science.

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