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Okay, this was not so great of Buffy to do, considering Xander's crush on her and Willow's crush on Xander.

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But damn, was it hot. Okay, there was nothing inherently sexual about this, but Jake legit left a boy and came back a MAN, and our preteen selves were feelin' it.

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TV and Movies Posted on Feb 8, by Hannah Marder BuzzFeed Staff. by Kelly Martinez BuzzFeed Staff. Tap to play or pause GIF Tap to play or pause GIF. The CW. Once in a while, though, there's still a shining light - or shining headlights, if you will - such as Rosario Dawson's turn in the new Danny Boyle thriller "Trance," which already has people buzzing and whipping out their iPhones to grab a quick screenshot.

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So with that in mind, we thought we'd take a look back at some of the most infamous moments of gratuitous nudity in film history. Because, honestly, we'd all feel a little more comfortable with this shirt off, don't you agree?

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Whether or not the nudity in the opening sequence of the classic horror film "Carrie" is gratuitous or necessary to the plot is a question that has been debated since the movie came out.

There's no question that it's shocking, as a naive Sissy Spacek experiences her first period right in the middle of a crowded high school locker room.

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On the other hand, to some viewers, this kind of seemed like a sneaky way to open your film with a bunch of girls naked in the shower. Pretty clever of director Brian De Palma, if you ask us.

One note: Spacek was actually 27 at the time, so it's not quite as pervy as it sounds.

Speaking of nude scenes that some people don't consider gratuitous, the mega-hit "Titanic" featured one of the most famous - and tastefully executed - nude scenes in film history.

Leonardo DiCaprio's budding artist talks his uber-crush Kate Winslet into reclining in the buff on a couch so he can draw her. Of course, every art major in the history of higher education has tried this exact same line at one point or another with no success, so some serious suspension of disbelief is needed. Along with a pause button for your Blu-ray player.

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We're not sure this is the most gratuitous nudity ever seen - actually, given that it's number eleven on our list, we're sure it isn't - but it sure is the most surprising. When the Wolf Pack hears something banging around in their trunk in "The Hangover," they pop it open, only to have a completely nude Ken Jeong leap out and assault them both physically and psychologically.

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The scene proved so popular? that they made Jeong's junk into a running joke, bringing it back for a sequence in "The Hangover Part II.

At least the shower scene in "Carrie" actually sets the tone for the whole film with its creepy high school horror vibe. Which they could have done, you know, clothed. But why stage a conversation around a table or in a living room when you can use it as an excuse to show beautiful young people lathering up and washing each other? Why, indeed.

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Harvey Keitel is a bit of a repeat offender when it comes to gratuitous nudity. In fact, he's so well known for it, urban legends have even grown up around his habit of going buck wild on movie sets go ahead, google Keitel in "Eyes Wide Shut" if you're really daring.

So it was hard to pick just one of his films, especially since his nude scene in "Bad Lieutenant" is so well-known. But we'll go with "The Piano" just for pure shock factor. After all, how many Best Picture nominees give you male full frontal?

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Now we know what "Lincoln" needed to put it over the top. If you haven't seen "Wild Things," here's an overview of the plot: Denise Richards and Neve Campbell have a crazy three-way with Matt Dillon. actually, we're not even joking, that's a major part of the plot.

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So it's safe to say that we find the entire movie gratuitous, not just the part where Richards takes her top off and everybody goes to town on her. And as a side note, "Wild Things" also gets bonus points for having a completely random shot of Kevin Bacon's junk as well. In "Trading Places," Jamie Lee Curtis plays a tough-minded hooker who helps Dan Aykroyd gain revenge on the rich jerks who destroyed his life.

Naturally, in the process she randomly rips her shirt off right in the middle of a speech about how she's just another businesswoman. It just happens that her breasts are her business - and business is very, very good.

We do wonder if this scene was also intended to refute the long-running urban legend that Curtis was a hermaphrodite.

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If so, well, it worked. Once upon a time, actress Erika Eleniak was best known as one of the lifeguards on the cheesetastic hit TV series "Baywatch.

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After the ship is taken over by terrorists, he's wandering the halls when he comes across a giant fake birthday cake - and Eleniak suddenly pops out, topless, and begins dancing around, apparently unaware of anything except the music in her head. You bet.

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But still not quite as bizarre as In the zombie flick "Return of the Living Dead," Linnea Quigley plays a punk chick named Trash. And when zombies go on a rampage and start killing everyone, what does a girl named Trash do?

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