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What links here Related changes Upload file Special pages Permanent link Page information Cite this page. Create a book Download as Printable version. The basic word for the testicles in Latin was colei singular: coleus.

One late Latin source has the spelling culiones. The etymology of colei is obscure. Lewis and Short's Latin Dictionary relates the word to culleus "a leather sack for liquids". However, this etymology is not generally accepted today, and according to the Thesaurus Linguae Latinae the etymology is unknown.

In texts, the word for testicles is always spelled with col- not cull-and is plural. Cicero in his letter discussing obscene Latin words ad Fam.

Lanuvium and Cliternia were small towns not far from Rome. However, the meaning of these phrases is not known, according to the Thesaurus Linguae Latinae. A Pompeian graffito quotes a line of iambic verse: [34].

Fuck is a profane English-language word. It often refers to the act of sexual intercourse, but is also commonly used as an intensifier or to convey disdain. While its origin is obscure, it is usually considered to be first attested to around AD In modern usage, the term fuck and its derivatives are used as a noun, a verb, an adjective, an interjection or an adverb. There are many common phrases that employ the word fuck fuck finger fuck off fuck to exhaustion fuck up the arse fuck up the ass fuck you fuckability fucker fucking It's quite obvious that whoever compiled this list doesn't actually speak Latin. For example, "faecam" is not a word. "Fututus et mori in igni" is not even remotely grammatical; if translated literally into English, it would be, "fucked, and to die in a fire". Neither part of it is a command

The form of the line is reminiscent of the proverbial sayings of Publilius Syrusmany of which employ the same metre. The more decent word in Latin for testicles was testes sing. This word may have derived from the Latin for "witnesses". Cicero's letter says "testes" verbum honestissimum in iudicio, alio loco non nimis.

According to Katz, the word testis itself appears to be derived from the root trityo- "third" and originally meant a third party. The two meanings of testes open the door for puns such as the following from Martial 2. Or Cicero's testis egregios!

Latin word for fuck

The diminutive testiculi was entirely confined to the anatomical sense; it is used 33 times by the medical writer Celsusbut testis not at all. Veterinary writers use both testis and testiculus. In Catullus Ovid Fasti 2. Other euphemisms are used in other writers. Ovid Amores 2. Coleones is productive in most of the Romance languages: cf.

Italian coglioniFrench couilles, couillons ; Portuguese colhoesGalician collons, collois, collosCatalan collonsSardinian cozzonesRomanian coi, coaieSpanish cojones now a loanword in English. Cunnus was the basic Latin word for the vulva. The Priapeia mention it in connection with mentulaabove. Despite its similarity to " cunt ", the Oxford English Dictionary cautions that the two words may have developed from different roots.

Cunnus has a distinguished Indo-European lineage. It is cognate with Persian kun "anus" and kos "vulva", and with Greek ?????? kusthos.

Cicero's Orator ad Marcum Brutum confirms its obscene status. Cicero writes:. A similar euphemism occurs in French: the avoidance of qu'onhomophone to con cuntby the insertion of a superfluous letter: que l'on. Horacehowever, uses the word cunnus in his Satires Sermones at 1. The word cunnilingus occurs in literary Latin, most frequently in Martial; it denotes the person who performs the action, not the action itself as in modern English, where it is not obscene but technical.

The term comes from the Latin word for the vulva cunnus and the verb "to lick" lingerecf. lingua "tongue". These include sinus"indentation", and fossa"ditch". The modern scientific or polite words vulva and vagina both stem from Latin, but originally they had different meanings.

The word vagina is the Latin word for scabbard or sword-sheath. Vulva or volva in classical Latin generally signified the womb, especially in medical writing, and also it is also common in the Vetus Latina pre-Jerome version of the Bible.

Other words for the womb are uterusmatrix in later Latinventer "belly"and alvus also "belly". At Juvenal 6.

fuck you. Latin Translation. vilis. More Latin words for fuck you. Pedicabo ego vos. fuck you. Find more words! Another word for Opposite of Meaning of Rhymes with Sentences with Find word forms Translate from English Translate to English Words With Friends Scrabble Crossword / Codeword Words starting with Words ending with Words containing exactly go fuck yourself. Latin Translation. ut te ipsum. Find more words! Another word for Opposite of Meaning of Rhymes with Sentences with Find word forms Translate from English Translate to English Words With Friends Scrabble Crossword / Codeword Words starting with Words ending with Words containing exactly Words fuck up the arse fuck up the ass fuck you fuckability fucker fucking fucking care Fucus serratus Fucus vesiculosus fuel fuero fugitive fugitive slave fugue Fuji

Cunnus is preserved in almost every Romance language: e. French conCatalan conySpanish conoGalician conaPortuguese conaSouth Sardinian cunnuOld Italian cunna. In Calabrian dialects the forms cunnu m. and cunna f. are used as synonyms of "stupid, dumb"; the same is true of the French con, conne and in fact this has become the primary meaning of the words, both eclipsing the genital sense and significantly reducing the word's obscenity.

In Portuguese it has been transferred to the feminine gender ; the form cunna is also attested in Pompeian graffiti and in some late Latin texts. The ancient Romans had medical knowledge of the clitorisand their native word for it was landica.

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This appears to have been one of the most obscene words in the entire Latin lexicon. It is alluded to, but does not appear, in literary sources, except in the Priapeia 79, which calls it misella landicathe "poor little clitoris". It does, however, appear in graffiti. Not even the poets Catullus and Martial, whose frankness is notorious, ever refer to landica. In a letter to a friend, [45] Cicero discusses which words in Latin are potentially obscene or subject to obscene punningand there hints at the word landica by quoting an unintentionally obscene utterance made in the Senate :.

with il lam dica m echoing the forbidden word. Note that the "m" at the end of illam was pronounced like "n" before the following "d. The word landica is found in Roman graffiti: peto [la]ndicam fvlviae "I seek Fulvia 's clitoris" appears on a leaden projectile found at Perugia left over from the Perusine War[46] while a derivative word is found in Pompeii: evpl i a laxa landicosa "Euplia is loose and has a large clitoris".

It also occurs in Priapeia fossis "cracks in her clitoris".

Contextual translation of "fuck you" into Latin. Human translations with examples: vil, vos, fuck, pugbam, irrumat, effecerunt, irrumabo te, pedicabo te, xvi pedicabo

The word also occurs twice in a medical context in a 5th-6th century Latin translation of Soranus of Ephesus 's book on gynaecology. Fay suggests one possible etymology as g landica "a little gland". Martial's epigram 1.

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In the Satires of Juvenal it is referred to euphemistically as a crista"crest" in this line 6. Landica survived in Old French landie extremely rare[51] and in Romanian lindic. The basic Latin word for the anus was culus. The word is of uncertain etymology, according to Adams.

Latin: (vulgar) I fuck, I have vaginal sex Martial, Epigrammata, "Aut futue, aut pugnemus" ait. "Either fuck me or let's fight" she says. Catullus, Carmina, Hic futuit multas et se facit esse venustum He fucks lots of women, and makes himself out to be charming More Latin words for fuck. futuo verb. have connection with a woman, have connexion with a woman. Find more words! Another word for Opposite of Meaning of Rhymes with Sentences with Find word forms Translate from English Translate to English Words With Friends Scrabble Crossword / Codeword Words starting with Words ending with Words containing Not only the word itself, but also derived words such as defututa, "fucked out, exhausted from sex" (Catullus 41), diffututa (Catullus 29, same meaning), and confutuere "to have sex with" (Catullus 37) are attested in Classical Latin literature

In the texts culus appears to be used only of humans. It was associated with both defecation and with sex.

Catullus 23 mocks a certain Furius with these words:. Martial 2. The word podex was synonymous with culus"arsehole". This word is thought to be an o-stem version of the same root as pedere "to fart", identifying it as the source of flatulence.

Lewis and Short's Dictionary cites only two instances. In an unattractive picture of an old woman Horace Epodes 8.

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The implication is that the piles have been caused by anal sex; that such anal piles or sores are caused by sex is a common theme in the poems of Martial.

Podex seems to have been rather a rarer word than culus. It is not used by Catullus, and only twice by Martial. It is not found in Pompeii, and did not produce derivatives in vulgar Latin or in the Romance languages.

The fact that it is used once by Juvenal who avoided obscene vocabulary shows that it was less offensive than culus. In later medical Latin, such as the 5th century Cassius Felixit could be used as an alternative for anus. A more seemly Latin word for the backside was clunes singular clunis "buttocks"; this word was generally more decent than culusand older, as well: it has several Indo-European cognates.


It can be used for the rump of animals as well as humans, and even birds. In the same satire quoted above Juvenal 2. Another word for buttocks, slightly less common, was nateswhich is generally used only of the buttocks of humans.

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It seems to have been a more vulgar or colloquial word than clunes. Anus was the name for the posterior opening of the digestive tract; the word is not specific to that usage, but instead originally meant "ring". Its anatomical sense drove out its other meanings, and for this reason the diminutive anulus became the usual Latin name for a ring or circle. An example of the usage of "ring" as a metaphor in a modern Romance language can be found in Brazilian Portuguese slang, in which the word anel can have the same double meaning, especially in the expression o anel de couro the leather ring.

Culus has been preserved as meaning the buttocks rather than the anus in most Romance languages except for Portuguese, which kept the original semantics. It yields the forms culo in Spanish and Italian; in French and Catalan it becomes culin Romanian curin Vegliot Dalmatian colin Sardinian and Sicilian culuin Portuguese cu and in Galician cu.

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Its offensiveness varies from one language to another; in French it was incorporated into ordinary words and expressions such as culottes" breeches ", and cul-de-sac. Futuoinfinitive futuereperfect futuisupine fututumLatin for "to fuck", is richly attested and useful. The etymology of futuo is "obscure".

It may be related to refuto "repel, rebut" and confuto"suppress" or "beat down", and come from a root meaning "beat". Futuo is richly attested in all its forms in Latin literature. In one poem Not only the word itself, but also derived words such as defututa"fucked out, exhausted from sex" Catullus 41diffututa Catullus 29, same meaningand confutuere "to have sex with" Catullus 37 are attested in Classical Latin literature.

The derived noun fututio"act of intercourse", also exists in Classical Latin, and the nomen agentis fututorwhich corresponds to the English epithet "fucker", but lacking the derogatory tone of the English word. The god Priapus says in one poem Priapeia 63 :. It is also used metaphorically in Catullus 6which speaks of latera ecfututafunds exhausted, literally "fucked away".

Futuounlike the English word "fuck", was more frequently used in erotic and celebratory senses rather than derogatory ones or insults.

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A woman of Pompeii wrote the graffito fututa sum hic "I got laid here" [63] and prostitutescanny at marketingappear to have written other graffiti complimenting their customers for their sexual prowess:. It is famously used in Catullus 32 :.

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Futuo in its active voice was used of women only when it was imagined that they were taking the active role thought appropriate to the male partner by the Romans.

The woman in Martial 7. Other more neutral synonyms for futuo in Latin include ineo, inireliterally "to enter", as in this sentence from Suetoniussupposedly from a letter written by Mark Antony lover of Queen Cleopatra to his brother-in-law Octavian later to become the Emperor Augustus : [64].

The word coeo, coireliterally "to go with," whence Latin and English coitusis also used euphemistically for sexual intercourse, but it is not exactly a synonym for futuere. It can be used for both men and women, and also of animals and birds. Another word found on Pompeian inscriptions was c h alarewhich appears to be a borrowing from the Greek ????? khalao "loosen". Adams lists a large number of other euphemisms for the sexual act, [69] such as this one from Juvenal 6.

Futuoa core item of the lexicon, lives on in most of the Romance languages, sometimes with its sense somewhat weakened: Catalan fotreFrench foutreSpanish joderPortuguese foderGalician foderRomanian fute futereItalian fottere. A famous ribald song in Old Occitan sometimes attributed to the troubadour William IX of Aquitaine reads:.

The aggressive sense of English "fuck" and "screw" was not strongly attached to futuo in Latin. Instead, these aggressive connotations attached themselves to pedicare "to sodomise " and irrumare "to force fellatio " respectively, which were used with mock hostility in Catullus 16 :.

The passive voice, pedicariis used of the person who is forced to submit to anal sex, as in Priapeia 35, in which the god Priapus threatens a thief:. There is some doubt in the dictionaries whether the correct spelling was ped- or paed- Lewis and Short give the latter.

Buchelerp. The word pedicator "buggerer" is used in a poem by Catullus's friend the orator Licinius Calvus quoted by Suetonius Caesar 49in which the King of Bithynia is referred to as pedicator Caesaris "the buggerer of Caesar"referring to a rumour that in his youth Julius Caesar had had an affair with king Nicomedes. Martial on the other hand preferred to use the shorter form pedico or pedicoof the same meaning, [70] for example at The activities of a pedico are hinted at in the following lines of Martial The various distinctions in sexual activity are made clear in the following poem of Martial 2.

The fourth line rules out Sextillus as an irrumator ; the two remaining possibilities were in Roman eyes the most degrading, that he was either a cunnilingus or a fellator.

Pedicare is often thought to be a Greek loanword in Latin from the noun ??????? paidika "boyfriend"but the long "i" is an obstacle.

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Unlike futuothe word pedico has no reflexes in Romance. Irrumarewhich in English is denoted by the passive construction "to be sucked", is an active verb in Latin, since the irrumator was considered to be the active partner, the fellator the passive. Irrumatio is the counterpart of fellatio ; in Roman terms, which are the opposite way round to modern conceptions, the giver of oral sex inserts his penis into the mouth of the receiver.

To be forced to submit to oral sex was apparently a worse punishment than to be sodomised. According to Adamsp. Martial 3. Irrumatio was seen as a hostile act that enemies might inflict on one.

An inscription says: [73].

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It is also a standard threat made by the god Priapusprotector of orchards, to potential adult male thieves, as in Priapeia The word fellare originally had an innocent sense, meaning to suck the teat or to suck milk, but in classical times the sexual sense was predominant.

The verb fello and the nouns fellator and less often the feminine fellatrix are common in graffiti, and the first two also occur several times in Martial's epigrams. Fello was generally used absolutely, without an object.

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Fello leaves little trace in Romance languages, being replaced by sugere "to suck" and its derivatives. Though it is not represented by descendants, it is represented by learned borrowings such as the French fellation.

cogito, ergo deus non est.

Are latin word for fuck you

More context All My memories. Results for fuck you translation from English to Latin API call. Add a translation.

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English fuck you. Latin pedicabo omnibus vobis. Latin tollamque manum meam. Latin vil. Latin dicendum est de illa altera parte petitionis ea desiderat nomenclationem, blanditiam, assiduitatem, benignitatem, rumorem, spem in re publica atque prodest quidem vehementer nusquam discedere cum postulatum petitur, quod honeste aut sine detrimento nostro promittere non possumus, id est, si qui roget ut contra amicum aliquem causam recipiamus, belle negandum est, ut ostendas necessitudinem, demonstres quam moleste feras, aliis te rebus exsarturum esse persuadeas.

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Latin vos. Latin xvi pedicabo. Latin effecerunt. Latin verissimum quidem. Latin irrumabo te. Latin na pari i eychi. Latin pugbam. Latin futue te ipsum.

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