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It makes for a bit of an embarrassing meet-cute story, but hey, Cupid works in mysterious ways. This project will give both actors a chance to stretch their comedy muscles, which is fun since both do have pretty good comic timing, even if much of their work has been in serious fare. And while Ji Sung had done lots of dramatic work in the past Royal Family, Swallow the Sunhis last drama Protect the Boss showed he has a funnybone and knows how to use it. Via Sports Khan. Tags: Ji SungKim Ah-joong.

Your email address will not be published. Have to agree, that pic of KAJ screams your entitled PS. One of these days she might turn into Cat Lady as the end result of an obsession.

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This story has a strong lead, KAJ played a phone sex operator in Pound Beautyso she's got it down, and substituting Ju Jin Mo for Ji Sung on the receiving end of such booty calls are a sure winner.

You know what this means ladies? Dang, I'm totally green with envy now! That's a WINNING pitch in my book, and i love this cast, so go PS Partner! Multi layered conversations, sex doctor and funny situations I do hope they meet soon in the movie because half of what I love about him is the way he looks at his partner. Since, you know, he can't be looking at me. i was wrecking my brain as to what P. thanks for the enlightenment. Sounds interesting. His ex-girlfriend? Because if he has insecurities, how does he get deeply involved in the phone sex plot?

Ji Sung's characters has the insecurities it may be why his girlfriend dumped him. And Kim Ah-Jong's character initiates the phone sex-by accident,lol.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia In this Korean name, the family name is Kim. Kim Ah-joong (born October 16, ) is a South Korean actress, model and singer. She is best known for playing the main character in the romantic comedy Pounds Beauty Kim Ah-joong (???) Age: 30 Kim Ah-joong, born on October 16th, , is a South Korean film and drama actress. She is best known for playing the main character in the critically

Hello you! Yep, i also prefer him now. Maybe a new found self confidence. And that smile He looks like Lee Byung Hun on that pic. Not the worst comparison in my book. not the worst comparison, except for LBH, who's so much hotter than Ji Sung. I'm looking forward to this, because he was really funny in Protect the Boss.

I'm glad to see that the PS stands for Phone Sex, 'cause my first read was 'My Post Script Partner' - and that would have been just plain silly.

Correct, but silly. That was my first thought too and for a moment I stared at his sweet face and thought hmm is it someone he gets together with kind of as an afterthought? Or after a long relationship with someone else? We all know it produces fireworks.

He has the perfect voice for you know pizza snacking! I'm not sure about the pairing though- he's a high-octane guy, and she was more of a low-energy sort in the two dramas I've seen her in.

For this kind of a role, he really needs someone who can keep up with him. aww yes man!!

Kim ah joong nakedd

just the other day i was rewatching a Sign ep and wondering when Kim's gonna make a comeback and here it is. and with one of my favourite actors! God for a second there I thought that was Naohito. This looks cute. I liked her a lot in That Fool and Sign.

I would have never imagined this pairing. PLASTIC SURGEY aha. It would have been funny if it was the meaning since KAJ was in pound beauty.

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I love all the influx of romcoms coming this year. I thought it was "Post Script" and was like " this is a very awkward title, Korea I wanna watch it! Gosh Gooossh also, it's about "P. S" Partner Of course!

Name: Kim Ah Joong. Native name: ???. Also Known as: Gim Ah Jung;Kim A Joong;Kim A Jung. Nationality: South Korean. Gender: Female. Born: October 16, Age: Kim Ah Jung is a well-known Korean actress/model who rose to stardom from her roles in numerous films and commercials. Her most known role is in the highly successful Kim Ah Joong Photoshoot Session HDCopyright of the " Pound Beauty" 2 Discs Special DVD When Cho-Sun Hee asked Kim Ah Joong how she felt about again she replied, "Before I get any older, I'd like to take a nude pictorial to catch my body at its best," causing the photographer to gasp Estimated Reading Time: 1 min

How concerned! I got the sex for s part but could only think of plastic for the p-made me think of credit cards and other unsavory things-eeew! I never would have guessed P. stands for phone sex. I first thought it stands for post scriptum and my second guess was Play Station.

But hey, I thought for years that SM stands for Sailor Moon and I was always surprised at how many people knew and liked Sailor Moon.

I think Ji Sung so handsome and ah young sweet girl can't wait movie. It'll be on my must watch list for sure. Ji Sung shows off his amazing comedic chops in Protect the Boss. Just can't wait!

haha- wasn't she also a phone sex worker? i don't know what they're called in pounds beauty Nevertheless: Episode 8 Open Thread. Jo Yeo-jung stars in mysterious new teasers for tvN's High Class.

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September 14, October 7, Cani News in Korean. October 20, Khan in Korean. October 29, Screen Daily. November 26, December 14, The Chosun Ilbo in Korean.

October 30, November 29, Asia Today in Korean. January 4, Awards for Kim Ah-joong. Baeksang Arts Award for Most Popular Actress. Kang Soo-yeon Jeon Do-yeon and Shin Eun-kyung Lee Mi-sook and Choi Jin-sil Ko So-young Lee Mi-sook Kim Hee-sun Ha Ji-wonKim Jung-eun and Kim Ha-neul Kim Sun-a and Han Ga-in Kim Ah-joong Kim Tae-hee Kim Jung-eun Park Bo-young Choi Kang-hee Park Shin-hye Kang So-ra Park Shin-hye Kwon Yu-ri Park Shin-hye Bae Suzy Im Yoon-ah Kim Ja-ok Jo Min-su and Lee Hye-sook Hwang Shin-hye Kim Young-ok Jung Hye-sun Ha Yoo-mi Lee Mi-sook Kwon Eun-ah and Song Yoon-ah Kim Hee-sun Song Hye-kyo and Jeon In-hwa So Yoo-jin and Choi Ji-woo Kim Won-hee Yang Mi-kyung and Choi Ji-woo Kim Tae-hee Hyun Young Han Ye-seul Sung Yu-ri Im Yoon-ah Im Yoon-ah Moon Geun-young Park Shin-hye Kwon Yu-ri Park Shin-hye Krystal Jung Song Hye-kyo Kim Yoo-jung Bae Suzy Lee Ji-eun Son Ye-jin Seo Yea-ji Chunsa Film Art Awards for Best Actress.

JYP \u0026 Kim Ah Joong

Shim Hye-jin Chang Mi-hee Kang Soo-yeon Oh Jung-hae Shim Hye-jin Bang Eun-jin Lee Mi-sook Jeon Do-yeon Bae DoonaLee Yo-won and Ok Ji-young Moon So-ri Moon So-ri Kim Hye-soo and Lee Na-young Jeon Do-yeon Kim Hye-soo Kim Ah-joong Lee Mi-yeon Shin Min-a Uhm Jung-hwa Shim Eun-kyung Bae Doona Kim Hye-soo Son Ye-jin Kim Ok-vin Cho Yeo-jeong Lee Young-ae Grand Bell Awards for Best Actress.

Choi Eun-hee Do Kum-bong Hwang Jeong-sun Choi Eun-hee Choi Eun-hee Moon Jeong-suk Moon Hee Yoon Jeong-hee Ko Eun-ah Yoon Yeon-kyung Kim Ji-mee Kim Ji-mee Choi Min-hee Yoon Mi-ra Ko Eun-ah Yu Ji-in Jeong Yun-hui Jeong Yun-hui Kim Bo-yeon Chang Mi-hee Lee Mi-sook Kim Ji-mee Choi Myung-gil Kang Soo-yeon Kang Soo-yeon Kang Soo-yeon Won Mi-kyung Chang Mi-hee Shim Hye-jin Yoon Jeong-hee Choi Jin-sil Shim Hye-jin Shim Hye-jin Shim Eun-ha Jeon Do-yeon Ko So-young Jun Ji-hyun Lee Mi-yeon Moon So-ri Kim Hye-soo Jeon Do-yeon Kim Ah-joong Yunjin Kim Soo Ae Jung Yu-mi Authority control.

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