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Some people took exception to her saying that Pakistan had one of the "highest porn-watching populations in the world" and that Pakistanis were "horny and desperate for sex".

Others focused on her admission that she had sex with "almost a dozen people" as a teenager in Islamabad. In an open letter to Haider on Facebook, which itself was shared more than 6, times, journalist Ali Moeen Nawazish criticised her for passing "cultural judgements" on Pakistanis.

Nawazish told Trending that there was no "evidence to back up Haider's assertion that Pakistan is the most porn-watching country in the world or that we are sexually repressed". He added that Haider's experience as one of Pakistan's "elite" is not indicative of that of other Pakistani women.

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Some social media users in Pakistan were, however, supportive. Haider told Trending that she wrote the piece in order to encourage more open discussion of sex. He said that his brother clearly felt shame when discussing his sexuality.

The man said as his brother didn't understand what was happening to his body, he lost his life. Blog by Upasana Bhat and Megha Mohan.

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Across this country today Pakistanis listened to her screams and watched her writhing on national television. The young woman, or years-old, is a resident of northern Swatthe Pakistani valley where the local government is negotiating with the Taliban.

Her crimeaccording to the Taliban and local residents, was hosting a man in her house and supposedly having a physical relationship with him. No evidence of such a relationship was ever given, but the rumor of such a relationship, according to the local Taliban spokesman, was actually enough to be stoned to death.

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The punishment in this case, he told a local TV channel, was "lenient. For the last seven weeks the provincial government that oversees Pakistan's volatile Northwest Frontier Province has been using a former militant to negotiate with a Taliban that, over the last year and a half, has blown up more than schools and killed more than police and soldiers in Swat.

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The deal the government hopes to implement would restrict the military to their barracks, allow the Taliban to implement sharia, or Islamic law, and remove armed Taliban in the streets.

But critics have seized on the video as evidence that men who whip teenage girls in front of cell phone cameras are not to be negotiated with.

And, they say, the provincial government has virtually handed over a third of Pakistan's northwest to its enemies, choosing to do so from a position of weakness after the Taliban terrorized the most peaceful and liberal part of northwest Pakistan.

The incident in the video took place months ago, according to local journalists, long before the peace negotiations began.

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But Swat's residents say nothing has changed for the better since the peace deal, and even if this video wasn't filmed in the last 7 weeks, the Taliban continue to administer their cruel forms of justice in the streets and continue to keep themselves heavily armed.

Very few people can even walk around during the day," said one resident of Mingora, describing a terrified population.

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Police are still restricted to the police station. The writ of the Taliban can be seen through the whole valley. The video of the incident, which has been distributed widely in the last day thanks to an Islamabad-based filmmaker, is now on sale in Swat's bazaars, according to local residents.

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Some journalists in the area said they had the tape long before it went on sale late last month, but were simply too afraid of retribution to broadcast it. Even a senior member of the provincial government admits that if the Taliban are going to continue to terrorize and threaten the people of Swat, the peace negotiations should be questioned.

If human rights are going to be violated with impunity, what is the purpose being served?

In two separate media interviews, Muslim Khan, the spokesman for the Taliban in Swat, admitted that the man whipping the girl was a member of the Taliban. He also said that the people holding her down were members of her own family, a claim that could not be confirmed. He added that had Islamic judges recently installed in Swat as part of the peace negotiations been present at the scene, she would have been ordered stoned to death.

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