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If it is there, right-click and choose Start. If it starts successfully, try running Windows ate again.

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If it's disabled, double-click it and change start-up type to "Automatic" and try running Windows ate again. it may be you've had this problem after having a virus. Most likely the key isn't there, or it is empty. Windows ate Service Win7 x reg - Right-Click and Save-As. Labels: windowswindows 7windows 8windows cannot check for ateswindows atewindows ate failingwindows ate failswindows ate service not runningwindows ate won't run.

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If you're Windows ates are constantly failing, then try out the steps below. Alternatively, type "services.

msc" and press Enter. Right-click and choose "Stop" to stop the service running. Minimize the Services console.

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if there is no Windows ate service listed, see my other blog "Windows ate Service is missing". If you've followed the above steps correctly, it will say "Last check for ates: Never".

If this is so, click "Check for ates". It should find new ates and with a bit of luck, ates will download and install successfully. Labels: windowswindows 7windows 8windows atewindows ate doesn't runwindows ate failingwindows ate failing fixwindows ate failswindows ate won't run. Friday, 9 September Windows 7 - Lost desktop icons, User files, Documents, Settings - Corrupt User Profile.

I was recently asked to fix a laptop that seemed to have a corrupt User Profile on Windows 7.

For no apparent reason, the user booted up his laptop one day, entered his password as normal only to see a " Preparing Desktop " message appear like you get before logging onto Windows for the first time on a new User Account before loading up his desktop, minus his custom shortcuts, desktop files, and everything under his user area seemingly disappeared.

Various application shortcuts didn't work and in general it looked like it was a brand new User Account desktop except it wasn't. Googling this issue came up with various suggestions and supposed fixes, some which had no effect on fixing this issue. The method below is how I fixed it, but check my checklist as not all logon problems are the same, so you may have a different problem to what I was presented with. Symptoms I had were. At this point it's worth mentioning that this is no reason to panic - you're files etc are still on the PC, but your User Profile has become corrupt so they're not visible.

Browsing to C:Usersusername will show you your files are still there, but going to the User Area from the Start Menu or Desktop will show it as empty. If you click into the Address Bar you'll notice the reason - it will show " C:Windowssystem32configsystemprofile " or something similar.

Now you could copy all this files back over but it wouldn't fix the problem entirely, or you could create a new profile and copy the data back over to that.

However, it's quicker and makes more sense to follow the steps I carried out, which I will now explain - click images to enlarge in a new window.

First, we need to open the Registry Editor.

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Click " Start " and type " regedit ". Now we need to make a backup of the Registry.

Do this by clicking " File " and then " Export " and choosing somewhere you'll remember to save it. Now navigate to the following location in the Registry. Look for the key starting S with a long number followed by it. Click it and you'll see in the right-pane that the " ProfileImagePath " is set to " C:UsersTEMP " - this is part of the problem, it should be related to the user, in my particular case it should be " C:Usersmartin ".

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In the left-pane there should be an indentical key under " ProfileList " but with ". bak " at the end of it. If you click this, in the right-pane you'll see the " ProfileImagePath " is correct, and there's more subkeys.

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We need to restore this key. Click the incorrect key in the left-pane and rename it by adding ".

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bak2 " to the end of it. Now click the correct key the one with ". bak " at the end of it and remove the ".

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bak " from its name. Exit the Registry Editor and restart your computer. After logging back in, desktop files, shortcuts etc and folders and files in the User area should be restored. Any shortcuts to applications should work again.

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If you have Microsoft Outlook, it may need to be reconfigured and any local. pst files be imported again.

Posted by Joe at 7 comments:. Labels: corrupt user profilefixlost desktoplost documentslost iconslost shortcutslost user filespreparing desktopregeditsolutionuser profilewindows 7.

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Tuesday, 5 July How to Import an. NK2 nickname file into Outlook So maybe you've recently upgraded to Outlook and you've migrated your old mailbox folders, contacts etc and set up your email account s but you're missing one thing - the handy tool that comes up with previously used email addresses as suggestions when typing in the recipient's box when sending an email. This AutoComplete "nickname cache" is stored as an ".

nk2 " file in versions of Outlook up to Outlook Outlook doesn't use.

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