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Also, it's important to remember that masturbation doesn't have to strictly involve your genitals. Touching your nipples, caressing your thighs, or rubbing any other area that feels good can also bring you pleasure.

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You also don't have to stick to one kind of masturbation at a time - feel free to move from area to area as long as it feels good but PSA: you shouldn't touch your vagina or use toys on your vagina that have touched your anus without washing them first as that can lead to infections. You can try any of these types of masturbation using your hands, or you can introduce a toy if that feels exciting to you.

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Take a hot second to look up a diagram of the vagina. The first thing you need to know is where your pleasure zones are located before venturing forth to explore them.

The clitoris is a rosebud like bump at the apex of the labia.

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It sits right inside the labia minora, at the very top. This is your vaginal pleasure center: Packed with 8, nerve endingsstimulating the clitoris is the best way to reach orgasm for many people.

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Ok, so you've got the clitoris down. Every vagina is different. Some people enjoy purely clitoral stimulation, some enjoy a combination of clitoral and g-spot stimulation. Locate your g-spot first. Do this by inserting one or two fingers into the vagina. Make a hook with your fingers and feel right behind your pubic bone.

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You should feel a small, walnut-textured patch. The g-spot is actually the root of the clitoristhe internal portion. All orgasms are actually clitoral. Now that you've figured out your anatomy and what kind of touch feels good, next you need to learn how to masturbate with your hands.

Start with the clitoris: Use one to two fingers to feel for it. It should feel just like a bump.

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Start experimenting with different pressures while you rub it in rhythmic circles. You may find that you enjoy more pressure, or less pressure. Your first few experiences with masturbation might be a little bit uncomfortable and emotionally charged. Once something feels good, stick with it. Consistency is key.

While trying a bunch of new things right away can be tempting, during the first few tries, you want to focus on learning what brings you to orgasm.

If you're interested in trying to stimulate your g-spot, insert your fingers into your vagina just as you did when you were finding it. Take some time to press and rub the g-spot.

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See if that works for you. If it does, awesome.

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If not, stick with clitoral stimulation. Penetration of any kind can be quite intense for beginners.

You are not weird if you prefer one kind of pleasure over another. It is your body and you have total agency.

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No one is allowed to tell you what you should or should not like. Manual stimulation meaning your fingers will likely bring you to orgasm, but if you can get a small finger vibrator, you should. There are plenty of discreet, adorable, not-at-all-scary options to choose from.

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Or, you can go for one of these vibes that can give you an orgasm in record time, plus they look like beauty products. You can order these online and have them in just a few days.

You can use these finger vibes to stimulate your clitoris, or even to use on your labia as you stimulate yourself manually. If you're interested in penetration, you can look into a g-spot vibrator, or any variety of toys made for inserting into the vagina. There is nothing shameful about having a pleasure product.

It is, however, a slightly different take on a classic that WH is confident you'll enjoy. Note: this one refers to sex between a woman or a person with a vagina and a man or a person with a penis, given the right accessories, it's accessible to all gender couplings.

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Think of this like a spanking new pun intended version of doggy-style. Get on your hands and knees, then, keeping your hips raised, rest your head and arms on the bed. This racy move creates deeper penetration - plus gives you a chance to rest on a pillow hey, sexy time can be exhausting - we're not judging.

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