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That is like for me, oh I, my lady's making this. I don't care if you're making more bread than me. I'm making more bread than you. It has nothing to do with that at that point. It's you're just doing something you fuck with.

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And I don't have to worry about that shit. You're not responsible. I'm not responsible for what makes you happy at work. I can make it better when you get home. But I can't be like yo you can't work there.

Yo you're making whatever. Go get that bread. Figure it out. Now when you come home Imma Imma talk you through it.

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Imma teach you some shit. You gonna teach some shit and it's all good.

Go have your girls night. Go have your little girls trip. It's all about for me is trust and communication. If I really have that with you, you can do whatever the fuck you want. That's also why I say, most men do not are not forthright enough to have that kind of conversation where it's kinda like, okay, we will just see where this goes.

We're in our 30s now.

Things Get Heated Between Migos, Joe Budden, and DJ Akademiks at the BET Awards - Everyday Struggle

We're not seeing where nothing goes. We gonna be, we gonna be where it's going.

Joe budden girl ass

So, we need to know what the fuck it is. We gonna we gonna get the path going. Yeah, but we need to know where we need to know where we're going. There's gotta be an address to put in the GPS. We gotta be an address. We gotta.

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And what I want. And now, if what you want, I want is not on the same page but you choose to stay, that's on you. Well, see, that's the problem too. If I say I don't want a relationship and you choose to stick around and I'm like, yo, I don't want this.

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I love what this is and I'm going but I just see where my, I see where my life is going right now and it's about to get crazy and I don't wanna violate you in the end. So, this is what I don't want.

[Joe Budden] They say he a bastard for real, then they see the ass on his girl So they wonderin, why's he so mad at the world? I take it out on tracks, I R.I.P. it So even to the producer it's hard to I.D. it Bars tremendous, it's in your best interest I insist your men just, do your best Bush rendish Endless, move more than two inches My blood'll boil like I got a big skin cyst So end this or Joe Budden & His Girl's Ass @ Best Buy There's been a back and forth beef between Joe Budden and Saigon for the past week and I refused to post any of those joints: "Letter to Saigon", "Pain in His Life" and "Under Achiever" (Listen to them on my music player at the bottom of the page). Anyways this info will help you understand why Joe is taking a swing at Saigon by looking for his CD at the Joe Budden is an ass. October 1, - am; Posted in Joe Budden; he must get it from his girl lol. funny dude. lmao. Share this: Twitter; Facebook; Like this: Like Loading Related ęSh*t Yourselves, Twice. the internet is racist. 3 Comments. G*Two; Posted October 1, at am; Permalink; Reply; Got Damn! I GOTTA get signed! I haven't even made it past on the footage

But to be fair too, even like me being single now has a lot to do with me being real with myself and I believe him being real with himself, we both don't know what we want and so instead of trying to figure it out together, I think which is a really beautiful place to be. It it is. Well, and and that's why I'm glad. To not know is a beautiful place but both of y'all both went Most of you don't know at the same time but then but then somebody somebody starts to grow before the other.

And that's the problem too.

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There needs to be room for change, room for growth. We all have that over time. That's what comes with time is changing growth. You can't. And so in relationships.

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In relationships, you have to be able to allow that. And unfortunately, allowing change and allowing growth may essentially allow you also to realize that the person you're with now is not the person you chose to be with in the past and now, we've we've we've We've lived our course.

Our season is over and we have to just learn how to appreciate the seasons with people that we have because as people, again, I've been in podcasting for 5 years now. I would cringe if I go back and listen to some of the episodes and how I used to move because with time comes growth and change. As people, we want things differently depending on our experiences.

Depending on our interactions and those are things that we have to allow our partner to when they vocalize that that aim, I want something to where if I can't give it to you, we need to figure out what this looks like because we may need to go ahead and go our separate ways now. I think this all circles back to settling down.

Like settling for for for what's for you and what's not for you. I feel like some people get to a point in time, especially women, they'll get to a time where they'll they'll find a guy and they'll be like, uh he's the one and they'll settle.

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And then you sat on some bullshit. And then people looking like, why are you there? And it's like, yo, the man upstairs, you you were supposed to keep going.

It was supposed to be a stop, a moment, you good, and then when shit started to get just like this, you're like, I know there's more to me than this. Absolutely no copyright infringement is intended. All images, audio, and video clips are the sole Joe Budden is a silent playboy. Well, he was quiet with his moves before he got too much into social media, and did the Love And Hip Hop reality show. Anyway, the dude never seizes to amaze me the way he be piling the baddest chicks up. So, I decided to do a little research, and list of some of the girls he has dated in the past. Below are the list of Joe Budden's ex-girlfriend's. And next to That's your ass for a real white girl. The problem is we all get excited about what the picture looks like, right? And that's why I ask you what you really want. A boss. Because sometimes. Alright. Y'all don't really want that. Y'all don't really want that. Y'all don't really want that. What are you gonna say? The girls that you've seen attract to me uh I'm talking about a boss not in a sense

So that this is just a place in my life where I gotta stop and then go. I didn't I didn't tell you you saying that brings you back to my therapy session recently and when I mentioned crumbs earlier, the analogy was that in my previous relationship, I was accepting crumbs and I was accepting all these crumbs from different people to fulfill myself in ways that I needed to fulfill.

And then in my last relationship, I got a slice and II ate that slice up and was full on the slice. Still not recognizing the rest of the loaf that I deserve. And a lot of us get to where we we pick up these crumbs and think that these crumbs are all we deserve that when we get the slice. We're like, we finally got a slice not knowing bitch there's a whole loaf and you still don't even know that there's a loaf that you deserve that you haven't allowed yourself to get yet.

And that's no slight to anybody that's not the loaf. For you.

It's not because I think and I. I think that's there's a loaf for everybody. There's a loaf for everybody. Right, you might like pumpernickel. Bitch, I like rye.

For the sourdough. You know what I mean? There's different loafers. Dark bread. So, okay. That you want right? Wait, pumpernick.

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No, I really, I really think there's something to be said about understanding the people's limitations and capacity for for growth. In general, cuz sometimes we outgrow people.

The likely, I mean. We do.

I can look back on situations where I've I outgrow people. Like there were, yeah, this I was told y'all last week or the week before. A bitch ain't going back to them dicks from the past. I don't grew. I visiting.

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I was not. I forgot who it was. I was listening to the other day and there was a comedian. He was like, yo, relationship is like bringing a couch up the steps. And he was like and shorty's on the top and she's bringing it up and you at the bottom and she like, yo, lift it up and he like, yo, I can't.

I can't no more.

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I can't do this no more. You gonna have to get somebody stronger. See what I'm saying? So, it's like, there's a whole bunch of things that when you look at it like that, it's like, damn, like, it's not that he he wasn't trying. It's just that. He tried. He couldn't. It's either you elevating or it's just like, you just ask for so much. I can't give you all this. You need somebody. I mean ???? ???? one of those Es that.

One of my home girls. Um that it was just like I was so I wasn't used to a girl telling me like yo I'm I'm doing this and I'm doing that and I'm doing that and I'm doing this and I was like okay.

It wasn't to like a crazy amount where it's just like oh II can't but it was just like uh you're letting me know you keep me up and cool. And then once I started doing it I'm like okay. Then is something that I'm not saying I would want this is not something I can like marry like something like that but it's a situation that was cool for me at the moment.

And you're comfortable in that situation. What I'm doing?

I'm not gonna lie. It's tough.

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There but not only is it tough. I know I'm I'm guilty like her in oversharing. Um she my friends are too much. My friends are giving too much. My friends keep telling me I over. That's how I wasn't. At first it was. But at first it was over sharing but then it was like. But it becomes but it becomes the same shit.

When you know you could be your full self with someone too. Oh yeah. That's crazy.

The way of feeling like you gotta show up as somebody you're not become so enjoyable but also to where I don't judge you. You don't feel shame in what you're doing when you're not with me.

valuable information

And vice versa. It's a beautiful thing.

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They dated 'on and off' for about five years. She is a model, and a TV Star.

Somaya Reece Rapper and TV Star. She appears on the Love And Hip Hop Reality TV Show.

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Esther Baxter Video model, Esther Baxter dated Joe Budden from through to She even carried his baby, but had a miscarriage. Yaris Sanchez A video model, who dated Lloyd Banks in the past, and is currently dating TDE rapper, Ab-Soul. Dazzle As with most of Budden's girlfriend's, Dazzle Jay is a model with a fat ass.

Kaylin Garcia On her instagram bio, it says she is a fitness couch, model, host, and Singer. at June 14, Email This BlogThis! Share to Twitter Share to Facebook Share to Pinterest.

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