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Definition of I got my ass kicked. @organic_bananas "I got beaten up" or "I lost." It could be used in the context of a physical fight, or anything that involves competition! Another way people say this is "I got my ass beat". EX 1: "I got in a fight with him today, and I got my ass kicked." EX 2: "I played that video game today, and I got my ass kicked."|It means, "someone This video was uploaded from an Android phone   So it's no wonder that I absolutely got my ass (or arse as we Aussies spell it) got handed to me. 5 fights, and I only won 1 Yikes! If that ain't a butt kicking I don't know what is haha. My competitors were stronger, fitter and just way more aggressive

HiNative can help you find that answer you're looking for. Register for free. Solve your problems more easily with the app! HiNative A As Ass What does I got my ass Out of the blue, and for no good reason, I decided to sign myself up for a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu tournament.

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My competitors were stronger, fitter and just way more aggressive. That being said though - entering the tournament even though I got smashed taught me a few things that I thought might be worth sharing. Shame on you, this BBS is only for perverts and other such weirdos.

  So yeah. I was walking home from school, talking to my friend (who I have a bit of a crush on.) And while we are walking, this big ass kid that goes to my school named Matt starts hitting on her. And eventually, it turns into something that could   I never played Soccer ever again FaZe Adapt Merch: AdaptSnapsTwitter: Author: FaZe Adapt #callofduty #cod #wearecodm #gaming #gamer #modernwarfare #warzone #codm #callofdutymeme #twitch #playstation #callofdutymobile #xboxone #codmobile #co

You're people have no place here. you made two mistakes in that action. first you didnt follow up the punch.

as soon as he fell i woulda been on top and either put him in a choke hold till he passed out, or threw a few elbows and knees towards soft spots to make him think twice about getting up and following us again. second you ran. never run.

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it makes them think they got you scared. Following through with the punches would've been a good idea. Or a kick in the balls or a stamp on the chest to incapacitate him while you ran away.

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you stood up for your freind! that guy was an ass! you dont hit on women like that.

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that kids needs to learn some respect! Movies Games Audio Art Portal Community Your Feed. I got my ass kicked 2, Views 60 Replies.

Member since: Oct. Member Level 03 Blank Slate. I turned around and punched him in the face.

I Got My Ass Kicked By A Victoria's Secret Model

luckily we were off school grounds by then I ended up getting him in the cheek bone, and he fell over. Member since: Sep. Member Level 12 Blank Slate.

You deserved it. Quit being such a cockblocker. Member since: Dec. Member Level 14 Blank Slate.

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Serves you right thing for doing a right thing. I like my hammer.

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lol click. Member since: Feb. Member Level 33 Game Developer. that'll show him.

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I am going to choke a 4'' 6' kid soon! Member since: Mar. Member Level 07 Blank Slate.

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at least she now probuly likes you. Member since: May. Member Level 46 Melancholy.

I got my ass kicked

My theory anyway. Thats the last time I do anything right or noble.

Member since: Aug. Member Level 11 Reader. Member Level 20 Blank Slate.

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Good artists copy. Great artists get banned from the Audio Portal.

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