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It is a ready to eat sausage or it may be boiled, fried or grilled for serving.

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The wiener originated about years ago in Vienna, Austria and German immigrants brought this technology to the USA. The terms frankfurter, wiener or hot dog are practically interchangeable today.

The big difference is that today's mass produced wieners have nothing in common with high quality wieners of yesterday.

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Calories: Prep time: 1. Cook time: 25 minutes. Meats Metric US Lean beef g 0.

Hot weiner ass meat

Veal g 0. Important : Unless otherwise stated, the chopped onion is to be reserved for use later as a topping.

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Don't throw it into the pot with the rest of the ingredients unless the recipe says to! The most authentic weiner is that made by Little Rhody Brand Frankfurts of Johnston, Rhode Island, the company that supplies weiners to all of the New York System-style restaurants in the state.

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If these aren't available to you, experiment with whatever you can find in your local grocery store, but steer away from jumbo-sized franks and anything smoked or filled with cheese! Weiners can be fried, boiled, or steamed.

In the case of frying, use very low heat. The object is merely to make the weiner hot, not to add unattractive scorch marks.

Remember-hot dogs and weiners come pre-cooked, they just need to be warmed up. Hint: Throw your weiner buns in a microwave for five seconds to approximate that wonderful steam table sponginess. Unless otherwise noted, the recipes offered below were posted in the alt.

They are offered for the purposes of information and experimentation only. We have not tested them and can vouch for neither their palatability nor survivability.

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No guarantee is expressed or implied. Prepare at your own risk.

Lightly brown one of the chopped onions in margarine reserve the other chopped onion for later. Add hamburger and stir until it loosens into small pieces. Add the rest of the spices.

  Unless otherwise noted, all of the following hot weiner sauce recipes can be prepared in one of two ways: 1) brown the meat in a skillet, then add the rest of the ingredients and simmer for a long, long time (at least one hour), or 2) bring all the ingredients except for the hamburger to a boil, then add the uncooked meat, lower heat, and simmer for a long, long time Ebony Booty Meat 51 sec. Timidex. ebony. booty. meat. +. chat with live girls. Mikyy Lovee Live Angel Vi Live Juliajae Live Larissa Key Live Mia Summer Live Freya Macon Live. click to see more Cam girls Wiener. The wiener is a cured, smoked and cooked sausage. It is a ready to eat sausage or it may be boiled, fried or grilled for serving. The wiener originated about years ago in Vienna, Austria and German immigrants brought this technology to the USA. The terms frankfurter, wiener or hot dog are practically interchangeable today

Simmer on very low heat for at least two hours. I can say with great confidence that the recipes for New York System style "sauce" that have been posted here are not authentic, because they lack one key ingredient: lard.

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Sorry to break this to you hot weiner afficionados, but like it or not, from this point forward, you will knowingly stuff your arteries with cholestrol-laden lard I can hear those arteries slamming shut now. Many years ago my uncle acquired the recipe for the "sauce" he claimed he won it in a card gameand he made it all the time for family and friends.

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He used to make the sauce in huge batches that he would freeze in reasonable portions to be thawed when the mood struck. Sometime after I had moved away from Rhode Island and married he gave me the recipe.

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It's the real deal. I've scaled down the recipe so that I don't have to store a few gallons of it. Here it is.

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Render the lard in a large pan over medium heat, and saute the onions and garlic until they are translucent. Add all the spices except the salt and the Tabasco. Add the hamburger, breaking it up and stirring it continually until crumbly and cooked.

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Add the water and cook as long as it takes to evaporate the water. By this time the hamburger should be blended into the sauce and take on the consistency that you are familiar with.

If this does not happen, then add four more ounces of water and reduce.

Once you've attained the proper consistency, taste the sauce. Add salt and Tabasco in proportions that suit your taste.

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These items are reserved until the end because the salt content in the celery salt is variable, as is the degree of heat provided by the various brands of dry mustard. I make my own low-fat version with Bannister Spice's hot weiner spice pack, lean ground beef, and lean hot dogs.

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I fry the beef, then drain and rinse it in a strainer.

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